Loes Riphagen


Richly imaginative picture book full of surprises, about some unforgettable little characters

Stung by a wasp? Stepped in dog poo? Blame the superheroes. These tiny green creatures, the size of a bluebottle, help to prevent disasters, but in doing so they cause minor accidents.

The hilarious slapstick drawings show how it works. In the first picture you see the accidents that happen when the superheroes intervene and in the second picture the disasters that would have occurred if they hadn’t. Collapsed houses, a bus in a tree, broken legs: we should be grateful to those superheroes!

With Superheroes Loes Riphagen picks up the thread of her highly imaginative debut Bedroom Beasties, an entertaining encyclopaedia of creatures that live in your bedroom, such as the not-on-your-nellies and the snig-gigglers. This time Riphagen takes a comprehensive look at just one creature in her witty and varied picture book.

She devotes a whole page, for example, to superhero anatomy: they have wings for steering and a usefully long nose for sticking into other people’s business. The proboscis needs regular grooming with a sort of toilet brush, as we discover on the page about superhero equipment.

The illustrations are so cheekily flexible it’s as if they’re made of elastic. The colourful compositions are always unexpected, with their cartoon-style frames and the inserts with magnified details. There’s a lot of humour in the facial expressions too. A delight to behold.

Success guaranteed!

De Volkskrant

Infinitely unexpected and funny… A magnificent contribution.

Jury Penseel 2010


Loes Riphagen

Loes Riphagen (b. 1983) grew up in a small farming village surrounded by the heath and woodlands of the Dutch Veluwe. In 2007 she graduated from the Art Academy in Rotterdam. In recent years she has become an essential fixture in Dutch children’s literature. Her picture books Huisbeestenboel

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Superheldjes (2010). Children's books, 40 pages.
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