P.F. Thomése

A Girl of His Own

A married man of about fifty. Half a life later, with a wife and son, he returned to his hometown H, where he was appointed acting town choirmaster. In the dark days before Good Friday, he finds a girl in one of his assigned churches – ‘a kind of grown-up foundling’. She has been left for dead. Full of devotion, he saves her life and then something happens that you read about in the papers: he decides, partly at the insistence of the girl herself, to hide her. She has already written her parents a farewell letter and can no longer return, she claims.

Thomése allows himself, his characters and us readers no easy way out and in doing so has created a poignant and hard-hitting novel. Masterful.

Vrij Nederland

It’s this combination of satire and seriousness that makes A Girl of His Own such an exhilarating and challenging piece of literature.


In this novel Thomése shows us how an artist may fail when he does not engage with everyday life. But more than that, he shows us how an artist can succeed when he manages to reconcile the ridiculous and the sublime within himself. A Girl of His Own surpasses all of P.F. Thomése’s previous work.

NRC Handelsblad

With this novel Thomése once again succeeds in creating a reality that confounds all of our expectations.

Het Parool

P.F. Thomése

By the time P.F. Thomése (b. 1958) won the AKO Literature Prize in 1991 for his novella collection Zuidland (Southland, 1990), he had already earned a reputation as a meticulous stylist with a sophisticated sense of humour, and an impassioned advocate of the primacy of the imagination in…

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De weldoener (2010). Fiction, 292 pages.



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