Remco Campert

A Love in Paris

In A Love in Paris, poet and writer Richard Sanders returns to the city of light after several decades, dreaming of a time when he lived there with his painter friend ‘Tovèr’: ‘They actually lived without principles, an ideal state.’ As the book goes on, however, his memories seem increasingly unreliable. ‘In reality he had never existed in this city.’

Melancholy and romance are transformed into bewilderment and quiet anger, until the plot reaches its resounding climax.

A Love in Paris is an enchanting and incisive portrait of the artistic milieu of Paris, then and now. This is Campert at his best: sensitive and contemplative, yet at the same time ingenious, sharp and surprisingly vitriolic.

Here is the master at work.

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Remco Campert

After a long career, Remco Campert (b. 1929) is still one of the most popular writers in the Netherlands. He started as a poet and short-story writer, but from the sixties onwards he has also published novels, such as his highly successful debut Het leven is vurrukkulluk (Life is Grrreat, 1961).…

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Een liefde in Parijs (2004). Fiction, 160 pages.
Words: 38,750


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