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In Majlent a number of problems which young people often suffer from are brought together. Joeri (‘Yuri’) is a boy who feels that he should have been a girl, because becoming a mother seems ideal to him. That’s why he chooses another name, Majlent.

Joeri is also slightly deaf, asthmatic and a real worrier who is often alone. In his isolation he fantasizes that he is in love with a boy in his class and that his mother’s illness is all his fault. So much despair can only be cured by his mother telling him that she really does love her Joeri very much. Majlent offers points of recognition on various fronts about children who easily feel themselves shut out.

By Joke Linders

Ted van Lieshout

Ted van Lieshout (b. 1955) is a poet, writer and artist for children and adults. He studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and worked as a designer before moving on to writing and illustrating children’s books. Van Lieshout is always looking for new styles and techniques in both words and…

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Majlent (1991). Children's books, 78 pages.


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