Maayken Koolen

We’re Moving House Tomorrow

When everything is being packed for the big move, Otis loses Sam, his chameleon, who refuses to be put inside a box. As the house fills up with boxes, finding his pet becomes more and more difficult. Maayken Koolen cleverly uses the chaos of moving house to create a playful picture book about friendship. Otis becomes increasingly desperate and readers can help to look for his best friend. Otis obviously won’t move house without Sam and luckily he doesn’t have to – when the house is almost empty, the chameleon suddenly reappears, and Otis and his mum can breathe a sigh of relief.

Koolen uses bright colours with lots of contrasts and contours in a style that feels messy but is in fact very precise. This is a remarkable and unconventional picture book that beautifully demonstrates what Koolen is capable of.

An original look-and-find book with poetic sentences, it leaves you longing for more.


Maayken Koolen

Maayken Koolen (b. 1970) went to two art schools and later studied poetry. She illustrated a number of children’s books and created look-and-find books with various artists before making her debut with her own picture book in 2022.

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Morgen gaan we verhuizen (2022). Children's books, 32 pages.
Words: 330


Maayken Koolen



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