Linde Faas

Somewhere in the Snow

Linde Faas was clearly inspired to make this book by the country where she lives: Norway. Vast spaces and huge forests – an elk comes along, and she masterfully paints the Northern Lights. And there’s snow – lots and lots of snow. Faas has as many ways to depict snow as some languages have words for it. You can almost feel the cold rising from the pages.

The story is about Sofie, who wants to celebrate Christmas, but her dad is too busy. She goes out during a wild winter storm to search for a Christmas tree and meets an elk who takes her to the forest. That’s where she finds the Christmas feeling, together with the animals that she decorates a Christmas tree with. The wintry story culminates in warm scenes, in which Sofie’s dad plays an important role. A glorious ending to a book that has all it takes to become a new winter classic.

A magical Christmas book full of sumptuous winter scenes.


Linde Faas

Linde Faas (b. 1985) graduated cum laude from the art academy and works as a cartoon animator, artist and illustrator. Faas illustrated many books of different authors, Dutch and international. In 2018 she published her first own picturebook Ik neem je mee (Come with me), followed by De jongen en

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Ergens in de sneeuw (2022). Children's books, 32 pages.
Words: 550


Linde Faas



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