Reza Kartosen-Wong, Chee Han and Maria Koutamanis

Where Is My Noodle Soup?!?

An international parade of delights that will make you long to try these dishes for yourself.

Sam-Ming loves school, but maybe even more than that he loves the noodle soup his mum and dad give him for lunch. But… when Sam-Ming opens his bag to take out his soup, it’s not there! He looks around in despair: where is his noodle soup?

That is the question at the heart of this cheerful picture book from Rose Stories, a collective of storytellers who want to make people see things differently with their books. Sam-Ming goes to talk to all his classmates, asking them if they’ve seen his soup. No one has. But they do show Sam-Ming their own lunches. The reader is treated to an international parade of delights: from Greek gemistá and Surinamese pom to Turkish dolmas and Dutch pancakes. Maria Koutamanis has captured this culinary story in mouth-watering illustrations that make you long to try these dishes for yourself.

Reza Kartosen-Wong

Reza Kartosen-Wong (b. 1973) is a children’s writer.

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Chee Han

Chee Han (b. 1981) is a children’s writer.

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Waar is mijn noedelsoep?!? (2019). Children's books, 32 pages.


Maria Koutamanis