Andreas Burnier

Every Book Is a Danger

Dutch classic – full translation grant available

Catharina Irma Dessaur, Ronnie van Rijk, Atara, Reinier or Andreas Burnier (1931-2002) had as many names as she led lives. Alongside her work as a professor of criminology, she published as a novelist, essayist and poet. She wrote about being lost in a woman’s body and in doing so was one of the pioneers of homosexual and transgender emancipation, much in the same way that Susan Sontag was in the United States. She spoke out on feminism, discrimination, genetic manip- ulation and the relationship between spirituality and science. At the same time Burnier was tormented by fears originating in the war years, when she went into hiding from the Nazis at no less than sixteen different addresses.

Andreas Burnier

Andreas Burnier (1931-2002) was born Catharina Irma Dessaur. She studied sociology, earned a doctorate and became a professor of social criminology. Her literary work includes novels and collections of short stories and essays.

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Elk boek is een gevaar (2022). Non-fiction, 400 pages.


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