Ine Boermans

A List of Shortcomings

Lot is a young woman who suffers from panic attacks and compulsive thoughts. With the support of her psychiatrist, she tries to escape the undermining influence of her narcissistic father, who sends her letters listing her shortcomings.

Lot writes letters of her own, to her late mother who was a bohemian – ‘Saving money is stealing from yourself’ – and full of life.

This tightly structured novel alternates between the letters and Lot’s therapy sessions. How can Lot rid herself of her obsessions with sled dogs which are frozen in the ice and children crying in the gas chambers? A poignant, witty novel about the impact of growing up with a narcissistic parent.

Ine Boermans is a magnificent writer. This small novel is extremely funny and yet depressing at the same time. Boermans describes even the most awful events with great verve.

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Ine Boermans

Ine Boermans (b. 1976) went to art school before obtaining a creative writing degree from the Schrijversvakschool in Amsterdam. For many years she ran a street gallery. She has previously published essays and short stories, and recently started writing columns for newspapers and magazines. A List

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Een opsomming van tekortkomingen (2021). Fiction, 176 pages.
Words: 25,756



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1097 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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