Maurits de Bruijn

My Holocaust, Too

A journey of six days and thirty-five years

A family history leaves its traces

In My Holocaust, Too, Maurits de Bruijn examines how his mother’s ordeals influenced his own life.

It wasn’t until he was an adult that he discovered, during a trip to Israel, that his mother was Jewish, and that, naturally, this made him Jewish too. When they were deported, her parents had entrusted his mother to Christian neighbours, who ended up raising her. With candour and irony, De Bruijn describes how this history had a knock-on effect.

My Holocaust, Too is a tender account of a journey, a family and a life. A book to treasure.


This personal account draws you in and makes you think.

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Maurits de Bruijn

Maurits de Bruijn (b. 1984) is a writer and artist. His articles and short stories have been published in de Volkskrant, Mister Motley and Das Magazin. His debut novel Broer (Brother) was published in 2012, followed in 2016 by De achterkant van de zon (The Back of the Sun).…

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Ook mijn Holocaust. Een reisverslag van 6 dagen en 35 jaar (2020). Non-fiction, 220 pages.

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