Henry Lloyd

Flin, or the Lost Love of a Unicorn

Illustrated fantasy novel about a boy who is an animal, human and fairytale character all in one

During a picnic, two eagles kidnap a baby. Forgetful as animals are, they soon believe that the bald baby must have come from one of their own eggs and start feeding it raw meat. Even though he has no business being there, Flin grows up healthy in the eagles’ nest, learns the language of the birds, and does his very best to become a bird too.

Meanwhile his parents keep wondering if this clumsy little chick will ever learn to fly. They love their child, but things don’t seem to be working out for him as a bird. When his new friend, Mono, a dwarf with two heads that are constantly arguing with each other, tells him that he is a human, he finds it hard to believe. But he can’t deny that he is different.

Flin begins a long search for himself. The villagers he meets are hostile and are not the kind of group he wants to be part of. There is, however, one girl, Solange, he would like to get to know better. And there’s a unicorn that roams the forest around the village that also has a connection with the girl. When a dragon kidnaps Solange, Flin, Mono and the unicorn go in search of her.

The comic-book style of the illustrations, the way the plot races along, and the humorous dialogues give this book everything it needs to be an appealing, contemporary, amusing series.

This book has a lot to offer. You can read it as an adventure story, but also as a romance. Or something between the two. As with the protagonist, the identity of the book is not fixed. Are you one thing or another? A boy or a girl or something else? Human, animal or fairy-tale figure? The book is packed with interesting points to think about. It doesn’t force anyone to choose, offering welcome support for all of us who just want to be ourselves.

Sparkling, rewarding and engaging!

The writer of Flin has produced a fine, old-fashioned reading book.

Edward van de Vendel

Henry Lloyd

Flin, or the Lost Love of a Unicorn is the most intriguing book of 2019, not only because of the content, but because of its creators, Henry Lloyd and Laurens Rawie. Fans of children’s books soon began to speculate that one well-known Dutch writer/illustrator was behind both pseudonyms. The…

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Flin of de verloren liefde van een eenhoorn (2019). Children's books, 328 pages.

Age: 10+

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