Tonke Dragt

The Song of Seven

A group of schoolchildren helps a young aristocrat to search for a treasure. Their teacher is also involved, becoming the boy’s private tutor.

The boy is kept a virtual prisoner in a mysterious house that lies on one of six roads leading to a crossroads that has an interesting part to play in the story. De Zevensprong is an exciting and enigmatic adventure in which reality merges with fantasy.

In fact, the book itself is like a song, or incantation; a wandering, winding ballad with occasional joyous percussion, to the spell of which the reader can’t help but succumb.

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Tonke Dragt

Tonke Dragt, born in Batavia in 1930, writes adventure books that explore the boundaries of space and time. As a child, Dragt found herself in a Japanese concentration camp. Inspired by Jules Verne, Dragt wrote her first ‘book’ while in captivity. In 1948, back in the Netherlands, Dragt became…

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De zevensprong (1966). Children's books, 304 pages.



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