Tonke Dragt

The Goldsmith and the Master Thief

In some respects, twin brothers could hardly be more different than Jiacomo and Laurenzo. One of them is a goldsmith and loves his work. The other is a clever adventurer with a casual attitude towards the law.

However, they look so much alike that they are frequently mistaken for each other, which leads to some strange and amusing situations. The two brothers help and support each other time and again throughout twelve stories in which love and loyalty always defeat evil.

Tonke Dragt’s debut was originally published as Verhalen van de tweelingbroers (Tales of the Twin Brothers). The book is almost sixty years old and so timeless that children still enjoy it today. A fairy-tale classic with a medieval atmosphere, with lots of excitement, humour and emotion.


Tonke Dragt

Tonke Dragt, born in Batavia in 1930, writes adventure books that explore the boundaries of space and time. As a child, Dragt found herself in a Japanese concentration camp. Inspired by Jules Verne, Dragt wrote her first ‘book’ while in captivity. In 1948, back in the Netherlands, Dragt became…

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De goudsmid en de meesterdief (1961). Children's books, 352 pages.

Age: 10+



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