Annet Schaap and Philip Hopman

The Tree with the Ear

‘Something happened today in gym class.’ A little boy is bursting to tell the big news that’s bubbling away inside him, but no one has time to listen to him.

Annet Schaap has written a poetic story about the lack of attention that we have for one another, as a result of our busy lives. For this book, she dreamed up a tree that really does know how to listen. The illustrator Philip Hopman, who has sold over 350,000 books in the ‘Boer Boris’ picture book series, has created a setting based on Barcelona, in which the tree towers above everything else, vast in its sympathy. With brilliant lines and a flowing palette, he plants this imaginative story in a familiar world. This is a wonder- ful parable about our hectic society.

A stunning book.


Annet and Philip bring out the poetry in each other.

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Annet Schaap

Annet Schaap (b. 1965) studied at two art schools and was for a long time best known as the illustrator of books by successful authors such as Francine Oomen, Janneke Schotveld and Jacques Vriens. She has since gained international acclaim as the author of the enchanting adventure Lampje (Lampie…

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De boom met het oor (2019). Children's books, 48 pages.


Philip Hopman

Age: 5+

Themes: picture book

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