Philip Huff

Book of the Dead

This is the story of a week in the life of Felix Post. Felix is a depressed twenty-nine year old novelist with a writer’s block. He fills the emptiness of Amsterdam’s jet set life with all kinds of alcohol and drugs.

Moreover, he is madly in love with a woman who’s pregnant with someone else. To make matters worse, the yearly Christmas dinner with his family is coming up.

With empathy and flair, Philip Huff describes the decline and the resurrection of his alter ego. In this novel, the great struggles of Huff’s generation blend in a stifling cocktail of sex, drugs, and lost illusions.

From the first page on, Philip Huff chains you to his melancholy protagonist. The great strength of Book of the Dead is in the accuracy in observation with which Felix Post’s life is characterized.

NRC Handelsblad

You seldom find them more barren and more true to nature: stripped of all decoration.

de Volkskrant

Philip Huff

Philip Huff (b. 1984) made his debut in 2009 with the successful novel Dagen van gras (Days of Grass), followed by Niemand in de stad (Nobody in the City, 2012), the short-story collection Goed om hier te zijn (Good to Be Here, 2013) and Boek van de doden (Book of the Dead, 2014). He won multiple…

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Boek van de doden (2014). Fiction, 288 pages.


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