Philip Huff

The Empty City

Philip Hofman lives in the Orphanage, the stately home of a notorious fraternity house in Amsterdam. The twelve residents of this house live by their own rules, isolated from society, family, and girlfriends: a testing ground for the life that is awaiting them after their studies.

Hofman’s two best friends are his roommates, Matt and Jacob. The former is an impulsive heartbreaker, the latter a contemplative intellectual. Spurred by them, Philip is more and more drawn into the alienated student’s life.

Then he meets the beautiful Karen. Her presence sets up a chain of events that shatters the carefully constructed illusion of the Orphanage, with huge consequences for its residents.

The Empty City is a novel about friendship, love, cheating, a ruthless city, and the price of false expectations.

Huff juggles like an adroit circus artist in this beautifully written novel full of crazy dialogues and absurd descriptions of Amsterdam’s student life.

NRC Handelsblad

To be able to do that, to entertain the reader and at the same time to move him or her, one has to be a good writer. And Huff is a good writer. Powerful and moving prose.

De Groene Amsterdammer

Philip Huff

Philip Huff (b. 1984) made his debut in 2009 with the successful novel Dagen van gras (Days of Grass), followed by Niemand in de stad (Nobody in the City, 2012), the short-story collection Goed om hier te zijn (Good to Be Here, 2013) and Boek van de doden (Book of the Dead, 2014). He won multiple…

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Niemand in de stad (2012). Fiction, 352 pages.
Words: 82,000


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