Guus Kuijer


How to be happy in a world full of conflicts both large and small.

In all his books, Guus Kuijer shows complete solidarity with children’s hearts and souls. He understands better than anyone else that children just want to be happy. But in a world of conflicts both large and small, that’s not always easy, as Polleke, one of the best-known characters in Dutch children’s literature, knows only too well.

In this collection (2009), we follow Polleke’s everyday adventures over the course of five books, with her COMPLICATED DAD (CD), her mum, who’s doing it with her teacher, and her Moroccan boyfriend, Mimoun. In this complex multicultural society, the rebellious, witty Polleke, who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as a poet, manages to stand firm. She has the support and understanding of her grandparents, and also finds comfort in the expressiveness of language. Her candid poems might be short, but they help Polleke to fathom her own feelings.


Guus Kuijer

Guus Kuijer (b. 1942) is one of the Netherlands’ most popular writers for both children and adults. Countless children have grown up with his Madelief and Polleke series. He has won numerous major awards and his work has been widely translated, with several of his books being adapted for the…

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Polleke (2003). Children's books, 486 pages.
Words: 92,606

Age: 8+
with illustrations by Alice Hoogstad


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