Hans & Monique Hagen and Charlotte Dematons

I Never Think of Nothing

Poems about how to deal with your own thoughts, about love and friendship, about death, God and Heaven.

‘I dream myself happy again’ is the beautiful closing sentence of this light collection of poetry, which does not shy away from important themes.

How do you deal with your own thoughts, which can come in the strangest forms? ‘I never think of nothing, because when I try to do that, I’m still secretly thinking of something.’ The lines are about love and friendship, including towards yourself, and also about death, God and Heaven.

The authors ask questions without passing judgement: ‘Is there a Heaven? And if there is, where might it be?’ It’s a book that makes children think. The poems are accompanied by stunning illustrations by the award-winning Charlotte Dematons.

Hans & Monique Hagen

Hans & Monique Hagen (b. 1955 & 1956) are a married couple who write together. They won a Zilveren Griffel for this collection of poetry. From 2017 to 2019, they were the Dutch children’s book ambassadors.

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Nooit denk ik aan niets (2015). Children's books, 56 pages.
Words: 1,638


Charlotte Dematons

Age: 4+


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