Anne-Gine Goemans

Holy Trientje

Sister Trientje has a sacred mission at the age of 86: to free the world of atomic weapons.

Together with an international group of like-minded people, she aims to penetrate a nuclear complex in Belgium. Goemans describes the ideals and traumas of her protagonists in a light and moving way, taking the reader to Fukushima, America and the Marshall Islands. Like her other successful novels Glijvlucht and Honolulu King, Holy Trientje is inspired by real events.

Anne-Gine Goemans

Anne-Gine Goemans (b. 1971) is a journalist and also teaches journalism at the Hogeschool Utrecht. She made her debut in 2008 with the novel Ziekzoekers (Unfurrowed Ground), which won the Anton Wachterprijs for the best debut. Her novel Glijvlucht (Gliding Flight, 2011) was awarded the Dioraphte…

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Holy Trientje (2019). Fiction, 416 pages.


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