Aimée de Jongh


Stories from the Backseat

A beautifully drawn ode to taxi drivers around the world

In cinematic black and white drawings, Aimée de Jongh sketches conversations she’s had with four different taxi drivers: one in Los Angeles, one in Washington DC, one in Paris and one in Jakarta.

The conversations aren’t always easy to get off the ground and sometimes take surprising turns, but in the confidential atmosphere of a taxi, the driver and passenger discuss topics of life and death, family, friends and how to carry on after a traumatic event. Yet, the tone of the book is not heavy: the reader is whisked away by the speed, humour and the artist’s keen sense of observation.

Not only does Aimée de Jongh depict different cultures and people, she also captures landscapes and ecological problems, such as traffic jams, climate change and overcrowded cities. Subtly, she touches on social and political issues, like the terrorist attacks in Paris, traffic accidents, Uber, and the fact that talking to each other has become something unusual but no less desirable. With Taxi!, the author reminds us that we are all connected and just a taxi ride away.

Aimee de Jongh - Taxi!

An excellent graphic novel that gradually becomes stronger and more fundamental due to the changing perspectives. It’s an unpretentious and downright endearing little chronicle of life.

NRC Handelsblad

A special graphic novel by Aimée de Jongh, who, with every book she creates, makes an even greater impression as a comic artist and innovator of the genre.

Moors Magazine

This beautifully woven series of vignettes from the brilliant Aimée De Jongh are a necessary and poignant reminder of our common humanity.

Joe Sacco

I love the lush and fluid brushwork. The fullness of all the characters. The humanity. Bravo.

Craig Thompson


Aimée de Jongh

Aimée de Jongh (1988) is an award-winning cartoonist, animator and illustrator. She is influenced by manga and comics from the traditional Franco-Belgian school. For many years she had a daily cartoon in the Metro newspaper, as well as creating animations for the popular TV show De wereld draait

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Taxi!. Verhalen vanaf de achterbank (2019). Fiction, 96 pages.
Words: 2,400

Themes: graphic novel


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