Arthur Weststeijn and Pepijn Corduwener

Italy as a Place of Experiment

How Europe’s Most Beautiful Country Invented Modern Politics

Italy as political trendsetter

Italy is often seen as lagging behind politically. The writers of this book turn this image upside down with the radical claim that whatever happens in Italian politics is prescient for the whole of Europe.

In Italy as a Place of Experiment, historians and Italy experts Pepijn Corduwener and Arthur Weststeijn lay out the history of the country, from Garibaldi in the nineteenth century to Grillo. Referencing key political figures, but also novels, films and music, they explain how the most beautiful country in Europe has grown into a testing ground for the modern world.


Arthur Weststeijn

Arthur Weststeijn is assistant professor in Italian history. He studies the relationship between politics and intellectual culture, especially in the Dutch Golden Age and modern Italy.

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Pepijn Corduwener

Pepijn Corduwener is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University.

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Proeftuin Italië. Hoe het mooiste land van Europa de moderne politiek uitvond (2018). Non-fiction.



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