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Improvising politics on the European stage

An insightful guide to the jungle of Brussels

Europe From the Summit enables readers to grasp and interpret Europe’s fraught power struggle. Luuk van Middelaar shows how politicians in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London and The Hague are reshaping the Union for the future in fits and starts.’

‘While many books about Europe are boring and stodgy, this one contains countless pacy passages, a coherent vision and original perspectives.’



Luuk van Middelaar

Luuk van Middelaar (b. 1973) is a philosopher and historian who studied at Groningen University and at the Sorbonne and the EHESS in Paris. Since his debut with Politicide (1999), which won him the prestigious Prix de Paris, he has become an influential voice in public debates. His De passage naar

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De nieuwe politiek van Europa (2017). Non-fiction.
Copies sold: 20,000

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Themes: Europe


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