Maranke Rinck and Martijn van der Linden

Tangram Cat

First there was the innovative Memorykonijn (published in English as The Other Rabbit), a picture book based on the famous memory game, and now Maranke Rinck (b. 1976) and Martijn van der Linden (b. 1979) have come up with a playful way to turn the Chinese tangram puzzle into a book.

With no more than seven puzzle pieces, illustrator Van der Linden conjures up a procession of animals in a wide range of different poses.

Rinck has written a light-hearted and amusing story about animals chasing after each other. Children can use the real tangram pieces at the back of the book to copy the animals and make up their own stories. A surprisingly ingenious and playful book that will cheer and delight its readers.

Not only terribly ingenious and exceptionally beautiful, but also great fun.

NRC Handelsblad

Incredibly original (…) The best picture book of 2016.

De Volkskrant


Maranke Rinck

Maranke Rinck (b. 1976) studied a number of different subjects before graduating in social studies and going on to educate primary-school teachers. She also writes stories. Meisjes om te zoenen and Het prinsenkind, written for the illustrations of Martijn van der Linden, are her first published…

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Tangramkat (2016). Children's books, 52 pages.


Martijn van der Linden

Age: 4+
255 x 255 mm

Themes: picture book



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