Alice Hoogstad

Monster Book

A wordless picture book full of masterful monsters

A black-and-white town becomes more and more colourful as a little girl sets off for a walk with her sticks of chalk. Minutely detailed illustrations transform into a riot of colour.

Everyone in this quaint little town is busy, all except for the girl with her pockets full of chalk. As she wanders through streets made of black lines, she leaves a trail of colourful pictures, which come to life behind her back. Monsters are her speciality. But the adults in the town don’t want anything to do with her imaginary creatures. They fight off the intruders with garden hoses and parking tickets, but the children think they’re excellent fun.

In Alice Hoogstad’s charming wordless picture book, a little girl refuses to be penned in by the black-and-white lines of authority. With her bright colours and her imaginative pictures, she shows how to transform a colourless world into a place that’s cheerful, exuberant and inviting – a triumph of the imagination.

An exceedingly imaginative, monstrously good picture book.

Sneins Petiele

There are so many fun details hidden in the illustrations. The dynamic compositions create tension and drama.


Alice Hoogstad

Alice Hoogstad (b. 1957) has been illustrating children’s books since the late 1980s, collaborating with great children’s authors such as Rindert Kromhout, Mirjam Oldenhave, Hans Kuyper and Guus Kuijer. Published credits of Alice Hoogstad include Bolder and the Boat (with Ton Wegman) and Guus…

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Monsterboek (2014). Children's books, 32 pages.


Alice Hoogstad

Age 3+

Themes: picture book



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