Thijs Lijster

Thijs Lijster (b.1981) is associate professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture in Groningen. He co-wrote Among Philosophers (2005) with Jan Sietsma and was co-editor of The New German Philosophy (2014) and The Art of Criticism (2015). His book The Great Leap Inward (2016) was shortlisted for the Socrates Cup and awarded the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature’s essay prize. Other titles include Look, Taste, Think (2019, Socrates Cup shortlist) and People Unite! (2019).

What We Have in Common

What We Have in Common

A Philosophy of the Commons

(De Bezige Bij, 2022, 272 pages)

Inspired by a wide range of critical thinkers, Thijs Lijster finds an alternative to neo­liberalism in the tradition of thinking about the commons, or shared resources that anyone can use, without them being anyone’s property. In the olden days they were forests or pastures, but (scientific) knowledge, public space in the city or the Internet can also be seen as such commons.

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