Gijs Wilbrink

Gijs Wilbrink (b. 1984) is a writer, musician and podcaster. He studied interactive media, toured in the Netherlands and abroad as the front man of the band Tenement Kids, and presents the podcast Nooit Gezien (Never Seen It), about film classics. The Animals is his debut novel, which was received to critical acclaim, won the 2022 C.C.S. Crone Stipendium Prize and was shortlisted for the 2023 Bookstore Prize.

The Animals

The Animals

(Thomas Rap, 2022, 400 pages)

A rural novel with Quentin Tarantino vibes: in this superb debut, Wilbrink juxtaposes city and country, animal activists and poachers, sinners and believers, idealists and crooks. Will Isa Keller manage to break away from her violent family and the region of her birth, a place governed by laws all of its own? Or will history repeat itself and fate intervene?

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