Rima Orie

Rima Orie (b. 1994) took part in a national YA writing competition, which she won with her manuscript of De zwendelprins. This fairy-tale story became her first book and was nominated for the Best Book for Young People award. In the Cursed Heart is her second book, and she is currently working on the sequel to this horror fantasy.

In the Cursed Heart

In the Cursed Heart

(Moon, 2022, 448 pages)

Author Rima Orie based the tropical country of Awaran, which she describes so evocatively, on her parents’ South American homeland: Suriname, until 1954 a colony of the Netherlands. She found the building blocks of her fantasy world in the period around 1880, after the abolition of slavery, when Indian contract labourers were brought to the country.

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