Milo van Bokkum

Milo van Bokkum (b. 1994) works as an economics editor at the daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad. He studied at University College in Utrecht and St. Petersburg University in Russia, and obtained a master’s degree in Journalism and Media at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, he has done research and translation work for articles by Simon Kuper in The Financial Times. Border Regions is his first book.

Border Regions

Border Regions

Why Borders Are Where They Are

(G.A. van Oorschot, 2021, 228 pages)

Borders divide the familiar from the foreign, the Self from the feared Other, and with that are a persistent source of conflict. And yet we continue drawing and redrawing them, while clinging to the worlds marked out by these imaginary lines. Where does this fascination come from? In Border Regions, journalist Milo van Bokkum sets out to understand why the world map looks the way it does, and how people have lived along some of its most bewildering boundaries.

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