Teun Toebes

Teun Toebes (b. 1999) is a master’s student in Care Ethics and Policy at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. He completed his nursing training in 2020. He is also a care innovator and ambassador, lobbying for better care for people with dementia. In June 2021 he was appointed to the Ministry of Heath’s Advisory Board for National Dementia Strategy. He has received many awards for his work and is a popular speaker at international conferences and in the media. Writer and documentary-maker Jonathan de Jong assisted him in the writing of Nursing Home.

Nursing Home

Nursing Home

What My Housemates with Dementia Have Taught Me

(De Arbeiderspers, 2021, 201 pages)

This highly topical book by a young man labelled ‘the Greta Thunberg of Healthcare’ immediately made waves and entered the Dutch bestseller list at number one. After an internship on a closed ward for dementia sufferers in a nursing home, Teun Toebes, aged just 21, made the bold choice of moving into one. He planned to spend time there, not caring for the residents as an outsider, but adopting their way of life.

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