Hester van der Vliet

Hester van der Vliet (b. 1961) is a film producer with a focus on documentary film. Since 2000, she has been working as a senior producer for the Dutch broadcaster BNNVARA.

The Forester’s Last Journey

The Forester’s Last Journey

From Amsterdam to Tokyo without Children but with Each Other

(Pluim, 2020, 296 pages)

It is an absolutely insane project: a couple, both in their late fifties, together for decades, decides to take their old banger, a third-hand Japanese Subaru, back to the place where it was manufactured. Spontaneously, because they don’t feel like dumping the car at the scrapyard after so many years of loyal service. And what’s more: ‘The lack of a reason is a good impetus to do something, I think. Futility as meaning.’ Friends respond with admiration, envy and disbelief: ‘Everyone dreams of doing something like this, but you go and do it.’ And off they go – driving their 17-year-old Subaru Forester back to the factory in Tokyo.

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