Henk Pröpper

Henk Pröpper (b. 1958) is the author of the novel The Crab’s Sword and of numerous essays. For forty years he has written about the literature and culture of France, the country where he worked as a diplomat and director of the Institut Néerlandais. Pröpper also writes for de Volkskrant, especially on matters regarding France. From 2011 to 2016, he was Publishing Director of De Bezige Bij.

27 Beats per Minute

27 Beats per Minute

(De Bezige Bij, 2021, 144 pages)

In a silenced Paris, in the calm of a city spellbound by a pandemic, the protagonist of 27 Beats per Minute reflects on the pillars of his existence and the matters that have shaped him. Through his reflections, the reader is transported across the city, taking in European literature and history along the way. ‘I walk through the streets and alleys, aimlessly and without direction, in this alienating setting. The city is entranced by Covid-19 and me by my mind’s musings.’

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