Tobi Lakmaker

Tobi Lakmaker (b. 1994) studied philosophy and spent ten years playing soccer on a boys’ team. Lakmaker is a writer and columnist, and works in a pizza shop.

The History of My Sexuality

The History of My Sexuality

(Das Mag, 2021, 224 pages)

Sofie is a young woman in Amsterdam who feels unfeminine and is attracted to women. She describes herself as someone who is wrong about pretty much everything: ‘About the boys and the girls, the right answer and – much more importantly – the right question.’ This history of her sexuality begins with the loss of her virginity and ends right before she starts to visit the hospital where you can become ‘less of a girl and more of a boy’. In the meantime, she recounts her chaotic life and sexual experiences: men, women, no one, loneliness, fear – and plenty of hilarious anecdotes.

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