Jente Posthuma

Jente Posthuma (b. 1974) debuted in 2016 with People Without Charisma, which was published to critical acclaim: Dutch newspaper Trouw described it as ‘assured, dryly funny, wholly individual.’ It was nominated for the Diraphte Literatour Prize and the Hebban Debut Prize as well as longlisted for the ANV Debutantenprijs for best debut novel. Her second novel, What I’d Rather Not Think About (2020), has been just as well-received.

What I’d Rather Not Think About

What I’d Rather Not Think About

(Pluim, 2020, 239 pages)

What if one half of a pair of twins no longer wants to live? What if the other can’t live without them? Those questions are at the heart of What I’d Rather Not Think About, Jente Posthuma’s second novel. The protagonist is Two – that’s not her real name, but it’s what her brother calls her because she was born 45 minutes later. The brother himself is One.

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