Marian Donner

Marian Donner (b. 1974) was born and grew up in Amsterdam. She studied psychology before working in politics, hospitality and international development. She has published two novels, 8.30am: Rising (2006) and Lily (2011) and writes opinion articles for various leading newspapers and magazines. Regarding her own imperfect life, she says, ‘I smoke. I also really like to drink. I don’t have a successful job and I’m really lazy. I waste a lot of time doing nothing.’

In Praise of Wilder Lives. An Anti-Self-Help Manifesto

In Praise of Wilder Lives. An Anti-Self-Help Manifesto

Why we all need to stink, drink, bleed, burn and dance more

(Das Mag, 2019, 142 pages)

Never have there been more books, TED Talks, classes and podcasts about how to become thinner, healthier and happier. The message pushed by the self-help industry is simple: success and happiness in this world are a personal choice — and we buy it. The self-help industry is one of the largest industries on the planet and shows no sign of slowing down. Meanwhile, burn outs, depressions and psychological disorders are only on the rise.

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