Selma van de Perre

Selma van de Perre (b. 1922) was a member of the Dutch resistance ‘TD Group’ during World War II. Shortly after the war she moved to England, where she worked for the BBC and met her future husband, Belgian journalist Hugo van de Perre. She went on to work as foreign correspondent for a Dutch TV station for a number of years. In 1983, Selma van de Perre received the Dutch Resistance Commemoration Cross. She still lives in London and has a son.

My Name is Selma

My Name is Selma

(Thomas Rap, 2020, 240 pages)

When 97-year-old Selma van de Perre appeared on the Netherlands’ most popular talk show, she became an immediate sensation. The memoirs of this eloquent Ravensbrück survivor went straight into the bestseller list. ‘We were normal people thrown into extraordinary circumstances. This book was written as a testimony to our fight against inhumanity,’ she writes. Her page- turning story offers a valuable new witness account of Jewish experience within the resistance movement.

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