Theo Mulder

Theo Mulder (b. 1953) is a neuro-psychologist. He was a professor at the universities of Nijmegen and Groningen as well as the director of institutes at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. His previous book, The Born Adapter: On the Brain, Movement and Change (2003), which surveyed the fascinating science of human movement and rehabilitation, sold 20,000 copies in the Netherlands. The book was also translated into German.

The Brain Collector

The Brain Collector

The Turbulent Life and Times of Franz Joseph Gall

(Balans, 2020, 344 pages)

Franz Joseph Gall dedicated his life to understanding the differences in human behaviour. Immensely famous and influential in 19th-century Europe, he revolutionized our conception of the brain and lay the foundation for neuropsychology. He also believed he could read twenty-seven different character traits — including murderousness, sex drive and musicality — by feeling the various lumps and bumps of the human skull. Today, you are more likely to spot his brain charts or porcelain busts at a flea market than recognize his name.

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