Josephine Rombouts

Josephine Rombouts (b.1971) studied Art History and Dutch and has lived in the Scottish Highlands for the past six years with her family. She is now the manager of the castle in which she previously worked as housekeeper. She also leads the choir and gives drama lessons at the village school.

Cliffrock Castle

Cliffrock Castle

Working At A Castle in Scotland

(Querido, 2019, 352 pages)

When Josephine Rombouts moves with her family from Holland to the west coast of Scotland she jumps at the opportunity of a job as housekeeper at the local castle. Unhampered by any knowledge of housekeeping or of the British elite, she miraculously manages to stay afloat in her new surroundings where she finds herself confronted with English landowners, French cooks, Scottish independence, local roofers, a ghost, and a serious amount of etiquette.

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