Kemal Rijken

Kemal Rijken (b. 1980) is a journalist and author. He writes about politics, the government and minorities in Dutch society for De Groene Amsterdammer and Trouw. His published works include Roma, a book about the Sinti and Roma in the Netherlands, The Westermoskee, a history of religious freedom in the Netherlands, as well as the critically acclaimed biography Van der Laan, about Amsterdam’s highly popular late mayor.

Our People First

Our People First

How Right-Wing Nationalism Conquered Europe

(Ambo Anthos, 2019, 466 pages)

Though right-wing nationalist parties have largely been shunned by the political establishment as racist, xenophobic or even Nazi since their emergence in the 1980s, they now form almost thirty percent of the European Parliament. Across Europe, these once small, marginalized movements have booked political upsets in their home countries and have been expanding their political influence through international collaboration.

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