Maaike Hartjes

Maaike Hartjes (b. 1972) studied Illustration at the HKU (School of Arts, Utrecht) and broke through to a larger audience with her weekly diary strips for a Dutch women’s magazine. She lives and works in Amsterdam and is a comics artist, cartoonist and illustrator. Ten collections of her work have been published. In 2016, she won the Stripschapprijs, the leading oeuvre prize for Dutch graphic art and cartoons. She is considered one of the main representatives of a new generation of Dutch cartoonists: the autobiographical cartoonists. Earlier works include Hartjes (2005) and You’re Not That Sweet (2007).

Burnout Diary

Burnout Diary

(Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2018, 288 pages)

One of Holland’s new wave of autobiographical cartoonists explores what it means to have work-related burnout. She sets out to understand how things got to that point and how it might be possible to lead a more balanced life in the future. Burnout Diary is an appealing and instructive personal study of a difficult period, similar to the works of Roz Chast and David Small. In this graphic novel, Hartjes seems to have found the ideal form to explore a heavy subject with a light touch.

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