Ivo van Vulpen

Ivo van Vulpen works as a particle physicist at the University of Amsterdam and the National Institute for Subatomic Physics (Nikhef). In addition to his research on the particle accelerator at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, he also gives talks on fundamental physics for a broader audience. On the subject of The Melody of Nature, he says: ‘This book is for anyone who is not a scientist but wants to know more about physics. I’d like to share the beauty of this world. The point of the book is also to dispel peoples’ fear of scientific equations. You should think of equations as poetry in a foreign language. You can see the beauty in them but you need a translator.’

The melody of nature

The melody of nature

The Search for the Building Blocks of the Universe

(Atlas Contact, 2018, 320 pages)

Ivo van Vulpen, a particle physicist who was involved in the discovery of the Higgs boson, takes readers on a journey of discovery to the Lilliputian world that underlies everything. Science has managed to penetrate deeper than ever into a mysterious world invisible to the naked eye. Now its secrets and their practical applications are revealed in a refreshingly down-to-earth book.

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