Roman Helinski

Roman Helinski (b. 1983) is a journalist and writer whose short stories and articles have featured in a range of literary magazines. His 2014 novel Bloemkool uit Tsjernobyl (Cauliflower from Chernobyl) was included as one of the most notable Dutch debuts of the new millennium in the anthology De Nederlandse literatuur van de 21e eeuw (Dutch Literature in the 21st Century).

The Waffle Factory

The Waffle Factory

(Hollands Diep, 2017, 176 pages)

With his second novel, The Waffle Factory, Roman Helinski has given us a modern-day Animal Farm, only now the setting is industrial and it’s people not animals caught up in the machinations of power. In the factory, as in Orwell’s farmyard dystopia, some are more equal than others.

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