Roos van Rijswijk

Roos van Rijswijk (b. 1985) is a literary critic for NRC Handelsblad and has published short stories in the majority of Dutch literary magazines as well as on several renowned literary websites. For her debut novel Unholy she drew inspiration from a small German town where she landed up after impulsively booking a holiday. In 2014, Van Rijswijk co-founded the annual J.M.A. Biesheuvel Award, the first Dutch literary prize for short story collections, which has since been hailed in the Netherlands as having ‘rescued a literary genre’. She is currently working on her second novel. For Unholy, she received the Anton Wachterprijs 2016.



(Querido, 2016, 224 pages)

Roos van Rijswijk’s first novel is in no sense typical of a debut. You will find no adolescent angst here, no vacuous student lives. This young writer has cleverly succeeded in getting inside the head of a terminally ill woman of fifty-seven, depicting Angelique’s decline, fear, regret, anger and ultimate acceptance as convincingly as if they were her own.

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