Karin Amatmoekrim

Karin Amatmoekrim (b. 1977) was born in Paramaribo and emigrated to the Netherlands in 1981. She studied psychology and modern literature, and has published five novels to date. The protagonist of her last book, Het gym (The Gym, 2011) is a West Indian girl from a poor neighbourhood who attends a gymnasium (university-track secondary school). Het gym was a hit with the press and the reading public. Another novel, De man van veel (The Man of Many) (2013) also received much praise.

If Not the Father

If Not the Father

(Prometheus, 2016, 272 pages)

At the age of eleven, Karin learns that her father is not her real father. Her mother tells her, ‘He’s your little brother’s and sister’s father, but not yours.’ Karin finds out that her biological father, Eric Lie, is a taekwondo grandmaster who lives in Suriname.

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