Bettine Vriesekoop

Bettine Vriesekoop (b. 1961) was European table-tennis champion in 1982 and 1992. She ceased participating in high-level sport in 2002. Her many contacts with Chinese table-tennis players inspired her to study sinology at the University of Leiden, after which she became correspondent in China for NRC Handelsblad. She has written a number of books about her experiences in China, including Homesick for Peking *(1994) and *A Thousand Days in China (2011). She now writes books and articles and gives lectures on China.

Daughters of Mulan

Daughters of Mulan

How women are changing China

(Brandt, 2015, 272 pages)

Since the death of Mao, life in China has moved ten times faster than in the West. Ramshackle towns have become glittering metropolises, half a billion people have been lifted out of grinding poverty and brand-new millionaires strut their stuff. Beliefs about female sexuality are changing rather more slowly, however, and this is where Bettine Vriesekoop’s Daughters of Mulan come in.

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