Peter Westbroek

Peter Westbroek is professor emeritus in geophysiology at the University of Leiden. He initiated an international, interdisciplinary research programme on the role of limestone in global climate regula­tion and participated in the creation of Earth System Science. He was the first Dutch person since Erasmus to be appointed professor at the Collège de France in Paris, and in 2003 the European Geophysical Society awarded him the first Vladimir I. Vernadsky medal for his extraordinary contribution to biogeosciences. He has published several books, both scientific and for a broader audience, the best known being Life as a Geological Force. Dynamics of the Earth (1991).

Discovering the Earth

Discovering the Earth

Big story of a small planet

(Balans, 2012, 336 pages)

The Apollo 8 photograph taken in 1968 that for the first time showed the earth from outer space made us aware of environmental change, climate warming and overpopulation. The common reaction ended up as fear. Geologist Peter Westbroek argues that we need a com­plete change of attitude and that current science brings this within reach.

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