Laura Starink

Laura Starink studied Slavic languages and culture and worked for twenty years as correspondent
in Moscow for the prestigious newspaper NRC Handelsblad, where she was also an editor and member of the board. She was later appointed editor-in-chief of M, NRC’s monthly magazine. Starink has published two books about Russia, A Land of Hearsay (1992) and The Russia Hangover (2008).

German Roots

German Roots

My family, the war and Silesia

(Atlas Contact, 2013, 318 pages)

In German Roots Laura Starink paints a very personal picture of her mother’s family in wartime. She visited Klausberg, a mining town in Silesia on the border with Poland, with her mother who was born there, in order to reconstruct the life of an ordinary teacher’s family under Nazism and Communism.

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