Roland Colastica

Roland Colastica (b. 1960) is a celebrated Antillean writer and dramatist who has devoted his life to storytelling. In 2006, he was awarded the prestigious Cola Debrot cultural award for his work Fireworks in My Head is his debut as a children’s writer and is one of the few contemporary children’s books set in a former Dutch colony. Unlike celebrated author Miep Diekmann, who grew up in Curaçao and wrote a number of books about the Antilles in the 1960s and 70s, Colastica writes from a black perspective, which gives this story a fresh angle.

Fireworks in My Head

Fireworks in My Head

(Leopold, 2012, 140 pages)

In his first children’s book written in Dutch, Antillean writer and dramatist Roland Colastica makes it abundantly clear that Curaçao is more than an exotic paradise, using evocative language to sketch an island society where young and old are still burdened by the colonial past, and black and white are at times diametri­cally opposed.

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