Coen Simon

Coen Simon is a writer and philosopher. His essays in NRC Handelsblad, and Trouw *have been the stuff of public debate. He is the author of books including *Why We Seek But Cannot Find Ourselves (2008), That’s How Every Visionary Begins (2010) and Then We Knew Everything (2011) which won him the Socrates Award for the ‘most urgent, original and stimulating’ philosophy book of 2012. With his provocative ideas, Simon has been an influential contributor to public discussion of contemporary themes ranging from animal rights, monarchy, spirituality and religion to neuroscience, happiness and the cult of the self.

Waiting for Happiness

Waiting for Happiness

A philosophy of desire

(Ambo Anthos, 2012, 167 pages)

‘Whenever I go away for a few days, I leave a little drawing behind for the children.’ The intimacy of these opening words is typical of Waiting for Happiness. Philosopher Coen Simon has a delightful and playful personal tone. Everyday life, the objects, circumstances and events that seem so familiar to us, astonish him and lead him into philosophical contemplation. In Waiting for Happiness he investigates the nature and effects of wishing, hoping and waiting.

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