Gauke Andriesse

Gauke Andriesse (b. 1959) lived and worked for ten years as a developmental economist in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. Since 2000, he has been working for Cordaid. He regularly travels to Africa to support organisations that offer small loans to small-scale entrepreneurs.

The Hands of Kalman Teller

The Hands of Kalman Teller

(Atlas, 2010, 302 pages)

A gripping story has a plot with a beginning and an end. That is a staple ingredient of practically all thrillers. The winner of Golden Noose 2011 has had the courage to diverge from this fixed pattern. Gauke Andriesse’s The Hands of Kalman Teller has no gruesome beginning or furious finale where all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle finally fall into place. Andriesse’s thriller thereby acquires an added literary value, which led to him winning the prize.

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