Hans Ibelings

Hans Ibelings is an architectural historian, writer and critic, and the author of several books about high-profile figures of Dutch architecture. His Supermodernism. Architecture in the Age of Globalization (1998), in which he looks at international developments, has been trans- lated into English, Spanish, French and Italian. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of A10, a highly acclaimed and influential magazine of new European architecture.

European Architecture Since 1890

European Architecture Since 1890

(SUN, 2011, 236 pages)

Is it possible to speak of a distinctively European style of architecture? Most architectural historians tend to limit themselves to the western part of the continent, but Hans Ibelings, in his comprehensive and richly illustrated European Architecture Since 1890, looks to the east as well. The many unknown buildings and architects he has discovered on the periphery of the former Soviet Union support his claim that pan-European developments can be identified from the late nineteenth century onwards.

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